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Favorite Audio

The Great Chimp Heist Techno Loop
Paper Doopliss Video Game Song
[Y] Parasites Techno Song
Lilium (SessileNomad Cover) Miscellaneous Song
Megaman Legends 2: Mother Zone Ambient Song
Endless Possibilities (Remix) Video Game Song
Lost and Forgotten ~P~ Video Game Loop
Vicious Theme Miscellaneous Song
Kane Theme Miscellaneous Song
Chris R Battle Theme Video Game Song
Lost Love - Corbet Classical Song
Imaginary Friend Classical Song
Life's Broken Dreams Ambient Song
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow Drum N Bass Song
Carol's Melody (Far Away) Classical Song
Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final Video Game Loop
Torrential Uprising - Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Garden Party Miscellaneous Song
*Hymn of Fayth* Video Game Song
{KgZ} Starwolf (2007) Video Game Song
Valley of the Lost Classical Song
[DH] Bioshock 2 - Melody Classical Loop
SM64 - The Alternate Route Video Game Song
MK64 - Rainbow Destructor Video Game Song
The Valley - WaS Ambient Song
It Doesn't Matter (Kirb ver.) Video Game Song
MMZX - Black Burn V2 Video Game Song
Castle of Tears Video Game Song
Reasoner- Dear World Ambient Song
Gradius III- Taming The Viper Video Game Song
Last Promise (Kinen Menu) Classical Loop
Polar Groove Video Game Song
[oove] Heartbeats Classical Song
Fallen Empire Ambient Loop
Sci Fi Game Loop Video Game Loop
Edge of Faith Video Game Song
Solus- Crystalline Ambient Song
Just Begun Classical Song
Rose At Twilight Video Game Loop
Mirror's Edge Remix =HFX= Video Game Loop
{Colossus} Techno Song
ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8-Bit] Video Game Loop
VGCat's Audio Comic #1 Voice Demo Song
Damage Control Trance Song
"Kid" prank to pizza place Miscellaneous Song
Mario 64 Menu Screen Remix Video Game Song
==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+== Video Game Song
Halo gameover Video Game Song
Soul Mirror Classical Song
ZeldaMM:Stone Tower Temple RMX Video Game Song
Zelda Memories Video Game Song
StarsShineAboveHeaven'sGates Miscellaneous Song
Stu Jam Ambient Song
Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag Stage Video Game Song
Liberi Lunerum Classical Song
[StarFox2] -ZERO- Video Game Song
" Outside Of You " Classical Song
Dj-N The Beginning Of Time Rmx Trance Song
The Vision Classical Song
The Promise+*~.0 Ambient Song
The Last Night on Earth Classical Song
(Gillenium) Ants in Blue Gel Ambient Song
Half Beard theme General Rock Song
Inu Yasha: The Movie Trailer Voice Demo Song
Evil-Dog - The Last Stand General Rock Song
Reasoner- Where Do We Turn Classical Song
Music Box No. 01 Miscellaneous Song
++ Long Walk Home ++ Classical Song
MS - TF2 Gun Sounds! Video Game Song
-ganon95- caramelldansen Techno Song
Reasoner- I'm Still Here Classical Song
Lugias Song Remix Trance Song
~BH~ Lugia's Song [Arranged] Classical Song
Fight to the Death, Pikachu! Drum N Bass Song
Rayquaza Battle Theme Video Game Song
Forever Missed (Piano Version) Ambient Song
MAC - Let Go Classical Song
Quest of Eve Main Theme Classical Song
the Happiest in the World Pop Song
Final Moment (Alex Sandford) Indie Song
Tears of Remorse Classical Song
RPG<Maker> Battle Two Video Game Song
Chill Penguin New and Improved Video Game Song
War is Hell Hip Hop - Modern Song
Cyrodil Mages Guild! Video Game Song
Sadness and Sorrow v.2 Classical Song
Story Left Untold (DJKarma) Classical Song
When a Tear is Shed - F-777 Trance Song
My Funeral (Piano) Classical Song
Zero123Music >> At World's End Classical Loop
Tears For The Beloved (Piano) Classical Song
*++*(Link to the Past)*++ Techno Song
The Pokey Botsbattle{EpicORCH} Video Game Song
*+*+Earthbnd Master Giygas+*+* Video Game Song
Siege Wily's Castle!-Rockman 9 Video Game Song